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Hi, I’m Nic.

An artist and designer, from the land
of the vegemite sandwhich.

I’m down with, doing good work for
good people, and forging your own path. 


Creating is what I live for, and it’s what I’ve been doing
ever since I could pick up a 2B pencil


I get a kick out of utilising my skills to work with people and brands who are determined
to doing things aligned with their true purpose.

I believe that collaboration creates awesome work that will align you & your business
& have you positioned right were you want to be.

I love to meet and work with new people so get in touch and lets talk about your next project
and see where we can take it, the sky’s the limit.

I’ve been in the game around 15 years and have worked with small design houses,
to advertising agencies and brands which has formed a very diverse portfolio. 

All this expertise means you have all this knowledge at your
disposal – and I’m all about sharing – to achieve the best results for you.  

I can do any or a mix of the following:

A full sample of work is available upon request.

0414 097 196